Democracy Dies in Darkness
(Video: Mahlia Posey/The Post; photo: Demetrius Freeman/The Post)
The Dec. 18, 2020, meeting was an extraordinary moment, demonstrating how President Donald Trump invited fringe players advocating radical action into his inner sanctum after he lost the election.
(Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg News)
A judge in a specialized business court in Delaware will now determine whether the world’s richest man can exit a $44 billion deal to purchase the influential social network.
(Daniel Munoz/AFP/Getty Images)
The euro and the U.S. dollar are exchanging at a 1-to-1 rate for the first time since the early years of the European currency’s creation.
The "Cosmic Cliffs" of the Carina Nebula is seen in an image divided horizontally. (Nasa via Reuters)
The James Webb Space Telescope is capable of peering deeper into space and further back in time than any previous telescope, giving astronomers an unprecedented look at cosmic evolution.
Artists in Russia’s antiwar movement have expressed themselves despite President Vladimir Putin’s crackdown on dissent against the invasion of Ukraine.
The nominees for the 74th Emmy Awards were announced today. (Allie Caren/The Post)
New shows such as “Squid Game,” “Severance” and “Abbott Elementary” broke through in an awards race that’s never been more competitive.
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In Uber’s push for global expansion, the ride-hailing company saw clashes with taxi cab workers as a way to win public sympathy, leaked records show.
Mark MacGann was the public face of Uber in Europe.
(Harry Shimmin via ViralHog)
Rising global temperatures are weakening glaciers in mountainous areas, where millions of people rely on these reservoirs as a source of water.
Europe has mobilized its firefighting fleet to help Portugal extinguish the fires, which have injured at least 29 people, authorities said.
Sequoias, the world’s largest trees, have been repeatedly imperiled in recent years as climate change increases the intensity of wildfires.
The effort is the latest Biden administration response to Supreme Court ruling last month that overturned Roe v. Wade.
Ramiro Gonzales was sentenced to death for a 2001 murder. He wants to make amends by saving a life before he is executed.
(Vincent Fraser)
A 31-year-old novice landed a plane on a North Carolina highway after the engine failed.
The unrelenting heat wave is putting Houston’s boast as “the most air-conditioned city in the world” to the test.
Biden said the Latino community is “as unique as the breakfast tacos here in San Antonio.” After Latino groups complained, she quickly apologized.