Is there a method behind Musk’s Twitter-deal weirdness?

Even if forced to pay the $1 billion cancelation fee, he may come out ahead.

If Herschel Walker wins in Georgia, America will have lost its mind

The Senate candidate beats Trump for mendacity and serene ignorance.

A murdered parent should be worth more than $1.4 million

In the aftermath of violence, individual altruism becomes a grim barometer of our collective conscience.

I asked about abortion at a Texas gun show. The answer I got was grim.

Does the end of one constitutional right mean women should rush to embrace another?

As Latino voters shift right, here’s where Democrats will be hit hardest

Two areas of the country show how a Latino surge would help Republicans play both offense and defense.
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Joe Biden: Why I’m going to Saudi Arabia

Fundamental freedoms are always on the agenda when I travel abroad, as they will be during my trip to the Middle East this week.
  • 3 days ago

Is a senator exempt from giving testimony in an election fraud probe?

Lindsey Graham should not be exempt from testifying in the Georgia vote-stealing scheme
  • 3 days ago

The death of Shinzo Abe is a loss to the U.S. and its allies

Abe was prudent, meticulous and resolutely calm — a visionary leader who recognized early the threats posed by North Korea and China.
  • 4 days ago

I stopped reading the news. Is the problem me — or the product?

Today’s news, even high-quality print news, is not designed for humans. How do we fix it?
  • 4 days ago

For a way forward on abortion, look to the Defense of Marriage Act

Efforts to nationalize abortion policy are misguided and counterproductive.
  • 4 days ago

Let’s call monkeypox what it is: A pandemic

The virus is now active in more than 40 countries on six continents.
  • 5 days ago
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The Post endorses Trone and Parrott in the Maryland 6th District primaries

David Trone, a Democrat, and Neil C. Parrott, a Republican, are our choices in the party primaries in the 6th District.

Twitter’s case against India is crucial to the internet’s future

Twitter’s petition argues that the government has tried to smother more tweets than the law authorizes.

Biden is doing what he can to protect abortion access

His executive order falls short of the demands of some abortion rights advocates.

In Belarus, a social media post brings 6.5 years in prison

The prisons of Belarus are full of people detained on sham accusations
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The presidential chatter about Youngkin misses the obvious

It's time for a reality check.

Virginia Democrats might pay for rejecting Youngkin’s gas-tax holiday

In politics, if you’re explaining, you’re losing.

What the union vote at Towson’s Apple Store means for Maryland

Given Apple’s iconic role in the tech sector, the union victory in Maryland may be a harbinger of broader unionization efforts across the tech sector.
  • Jul 1

Metro then and now

Metro was once “America’s transit system.” Hopefully, it can be again.
  • Jul 1
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Vanita Gupta on the future of policing and American democracy


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Bring Them Home

An intimate film about the growing crisis of Americans held hostage abroad that follows one family's desperate effort to free their loved one from being a geopolitical pawn.

How Cuba’s investment in writers and artists came back to haunt its regime

In Cuba, hundreds of innocent people are in prison because they dared to demand freedom. Exiles are still fighting from abroad.
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