Republicans threaten Wall Street over climate positions

BlackRock, JPMorgan Chase and other asset managers face complaints from the left — and threats from the right.

By Steven MufsonJuly 12, 2022

Photography tips for July’s ‘buck’ supermoon on Wednesday

The biggest and brightest supermoon of 2022 will occur Wednesday night.

By Kevin AmbroseJuly 12, 2022

Houston slogs through brutal heat: ‘Hottest weather I’ve ever seen’

The unrelenting heat wave is putting Houston’s boast as “the most air-conditioned city in the world” to the test.

By Ken HoffmanJuly 12, 2022

Parts of the Gulf Coast could get at least a foot of rain this week

There will be significant impacts from the brewing tropical disturbance, even if the system is unlikely to get a name.

By Matthew CappucciJuly 12, 2022

U.S. emissions linked to over $1.8 trillion of global economic losses, study says

The report found just five of the world’s leading emitters of greenhouse gases caused $6 trillion in global economic losses through warming caused by their emissions from 1990 to 2014.

By Steven MufsonJuly 12, 2022

From ‘Green Jesus’ to ‘radical pragmatist’: Canada's climate minister evolves

Steven Guilbeault, 52, has served as Canada's minister of environment and climate change since October. But before entering the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, he spent more than two decades as an environmental activist with eyebrow-raising tactics.

By Maxine Joselow and Vanessa Montalbano July 12, 2022

EPA needs a Senate-confirmed enforcement chief, groups say

Five prominent environmental groups are calling on the Senate to swiftly confirm a permanent head of the Environmental Protection Agency's enforcement office, according to details shared exclusively with The Climate 202.

By Maxine Joselow and Vanessa Montalbano July 11, 2022

Democrats race to clinch deal on climate, energy with Manchin

The frenzied deliberations reflect weeks of private talks between Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.), a centrist who scuttled negotiations over the party’s last attempt at a broader spending package in December.

By Maxine Joselow and Vanessa Montalbano July 7, 2022

Nasty weather blew a jet off an aircraft carrier. How’s that possible?

A Super Hornet jet was swept from the deck of the USS Harry S. Truman into the Mediterranean Sea.

By Jason SamenowJuly 12, 2022

Second glacier avalanche in a week shows dangers of a warming climate

Rising global temperatures are weakening glaciers in mountainous areas, where millions of people rely on these reservoirs as a source of water.

By Kasha PatelJuly 12, 2022

Yosemite wildfire doubles in size, threatens over 500 giant sequoias

Sequoias, the world’s largest trees, have been repeatedly imperiled in recent years as climate change increases the intensity of wildfires.

By Marisa Iati, Bryan Pietsch, Meena Venkataramanan and Praveena SomasundaramJuly 12, 2022

Some of the world’s oldest trees are at risk in Yosemite wildfire

Firefighters are racing to protect more than 500 giant sequoias in Mariposa Grove.

By Dino GrandoniJuly 11, 2022

Extreme heat pushes highs over 110 in Texas as power grid nears brink

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas projects record-high demand as temperatures skyrocket.

By Matthew CappucciJuly 11, 2022

Climate activists worried after Biden releases review of Alaska oil project

The procedural step looked at environmental impact of shrinking the project but kept it on the path for approval.

By Joshua PartlowJuly 8, 2022

Amazon deforestation hits new record in Brazil

Area cleared in the first six months this year is five times the size of New York City.

By Gabriela Sá Pessoa and Kasha PatelJuly 8, 2022

Tracking Biden’s environmental actions

President Biden is unwinding Donald Trump’s environmental legacy while forging his own. The Washington Post is chronicling every step.

By Juliet Eilperin, Brady Dennis and John MuyskensJuly 8, 2022

Monsoon arrived early, delivering much-needed rain to the Southwest

Despite the good news, there are still concerns about potential flooding and “dry lightning.”

By Matthew CappucciJuly 8, 2022

Big fish sightings are spiking. Climate change may be the cause.

As big fish crop up in unexpected places, experts say that they're relocating to new environments as waters warm.

By John FarrellJuly 8, 2022

South Africa plunged into darkness during power crisis

Rolling blackouts can last for eight hours or more, crippling economic activity and disrupting life in this nation of 60 million people.

By Lesley WroughtonJuly 8, 2022

China’s summer floods and heat waves fuel plans for a changing climate

Even as the country invests heavily renewable energy, its reliance on coal and a carbon-intensive growth model continue to alarm environmental activists.

By Christian Shepherd, Pei-Lin Wu and Eva DouJuly 8, 2022

DOT proposal would require states to track carbon emissions from driving

Federal highway officials say the proposed regulation would bring clearer data, but critics argue say it’s an example of federal overreach.

By Michael LarisJuly 7, 2022

Scenes from Italy’s worst drought in 70 years

Extreme summer heat waves are worsening the situation, hitting communities with unprecedented temperatures as authorities are rationing water.

By Kasha PatelJuly 7, 2022

Woman captures ‘most insane’ video of lightning hitting husband’s car

A woman returning from vacation with her family snagged one the best lightning videos.

By Ian LivingstonJuly 7, 2022