Sinking FTC workplace rankings threaten Chair Lina Khan’s agenda

Khan's ability to follow through on her big promises to transform tech regulation and improve the agency hinges on the morale of her staff.

By Cat ZakrzewskiJuly 13, 2022

Google CEO says company will slow hiring amid economic conditions

Google CEO Sundar Pichai told employees that the company will slow down its hiring in response to economic conditions.

By Gerrit De VynckJuly 12, 2022

Twitter sues Elon Musk, setting stage for epic legal battle

A judge in a specialized business court in Delaware will now determine whether the world’s richest man can exit a $44 billion deal to purchase the influential social network.

By Elizabeth Dwoskin and Rachel LermanJuly 12, 2022

Twitter went easy on Trump because it ‘relished’ the power, ex-employee says

The former employee said Twitter didn't take action against Trump despite months of pleas.

By Drew Harwell and Naomi NixJuly 12, 2022

Is Amazon Prime worth it for you?

If you're paying for Amazon Prime, or considering signing up, use this quiz to find out how much that $139 a year actually gets you and if there are better deals.

By Heather Kelly and Rachel LermanJuly 12, 2022

In leaked memo, Facebook tells managers low performers don’t belong

Facebook told engineering managers to weed out their lowest-performing employees as the company seeks to rein in costs during an economic downturn.

By Naomi Nix and Elizabeth DwoskinJuly 11, 2022

You can now preview iOS 16’s editable iMessages and more

Earlier this summer, Apple announced a bevy of clever new features for its phones, tablets and computers. Here's how they've been working so far.

By Chris VelazcoJuly 11, 2022

As Musk moves to abandon deal, Twitter faces ‘worst case scenario’

Analysts and employees warned Musk set the stage for a turbulent period, which could carry financial risks and leave workers more frustrated.

By Cat Zakrzewski, Naomi Nix and Joseph MennJuly 11, 2022

Hideo Kojima studio threatens legal action over false link to Shinzo Abe killing

Kojima Productions shared a statement condemning misinformation falsely linking Hideo Kojima to the assassination of former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe.

By Jonathan LeeJuly 11, 2022

‘Hit the kill switch’: Uber used covert tech to thwart government raids

Regulators entered Uber’s offices only to see computers go dark before their eyes as the company used covert tech to thwart government raids, leaked records show.

By Faiz Siddiqui and Joseph MennJuly 11, 2022

The hot game on TikTok: Guessing locations on Google Maps

Trevor Rainbolt has turned GeoGuessr, a game powered by Google Maps, into viral fodder for TikTok with his ability to guess real-world locations in seconds.

By Teddy AmenabarJuly 11, 2022

Elon Musk files to back out of Twitter deal

Musk said he's done with trying to buy Twitter, but it's unclear if he can just walk away without a massive legal fight.

By Gerrit De Vynck, Faiz Siddiqui and Rachel LermanJuly 8, 2022

State Department pursues ‘people-people’ diplomacy through video games

The State Department is bullish on gaming as a way to facilitate conversation among young people on issues such as climate change, gender equity and food security.

By Noah SmithJuly 8, 2022

Deleting files is not enough. Here is how to properly erase hard drives.

Make sure those old computers have been securely scrubbed before donating or recycling.

By Chris VelazcoJuly 8, 2022

The machine behind the ‘God particle’ is on the hunt for dark matter

Researchers at CERN are firing up the Large Hadron Collider for the third time, hoping to discover dark matter.

By Pranshu VermaJuly 8, 2022

NASA issues rebuke to Russia for using space station as war propaganda

Cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station on Monday celebrated Russia's capture of Ukraine's eastern province of Luhansk.

By Christian DavenportJuly 7, 2022
The Washington Post

Elon Musk’s deal to buy Twitter is in peril

Elon Musk's $44 billion deal to take the social network private is in jeopardy, according to sources close to the deal talks.

By Faiz Siddiqui and Gerrit De VynckJuly 7, 2022

Former Theranos executive Sunny Balwani convicted on 12 fraud counts

The verdict comes six months after Theranos' founder was found guilty on four counts.

By Rachel LermanJuly 7, 2022

Sony’s new line of gaming hardware may be a tough sell for PC gamers

The 27-inch monitor, called the Inzone M9, and the headphones, the Inzone H9, are both geared toward gamers.

By Shannon LiaoJuly 7, 2022

Shivon Zilis, who reportedly had twins with Elon Musk, is an AI expert

Shivon Zillis is a machine learning advocate and major player in Elon Musk’s world — and reportedly the mother of two of his children.

By Rachel LermanJuly 7, 2022